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Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions are listed below. If your quesiton isn’t answered here, please get in touch with us.  get in touch with u anyway, we’d like to say hello.

We provide unlimited IT support, both remote and onsite (depending on location we might have a local partner come to your address), for a fixed price per month.

You can contact us by phone, email, SMS (we give you a secret number) or via a little program on your computer.  This program allows us to remote in to help you, and also lets us see important things in the background: disk space and health, memory use etc. We look after all your Windows and mac updates with this.

We also look after Antivirus (as in manage it, not just sell it to you), your email, website, backups, 3rd party programs, any servers you still have, domain names. We also can provide internet and a good referral for phones and other things.

We can provide computers for you, or you can supply your own, as long as they meet a sensible minimum specification. Setting up new computers is included.

Close your eyes and imagine you have an IT department. That’s it!

We need to be able to manage and maintain your computers, so we need to run some software on each machine. All computers must meet a sensible minimum specification. All computers in your business need to be managed (its a security thing, the unmanaged PC in the corner always gets the virus…).

Good question. Depending on what services you use, your data may be stored on Australian servers or those based in Singapore, USA or elsewhere. Sometimes it is essential to use local Cloud servers for legal or other business reasons, and we have access and experience with them all.

The Cloud is someone else’s computer. Seriously.

In most cases it is a server (or collection) of servers hidden away in a building, that provides a sensible and safe alternative to storing information on your computer, or on an office sever.

The Cloud is also used to serve programs and applications we use every day: in our web browser. Everything from Gmail, Xero, to Facebook and in between.

Normally… no. In most cases when one of our customers have a server that reaches its end of support date we can use newer Cloud services instead. There are a few situations where a client business will rely on a third party application to manage their business, and therefore will continue to need a local server. We manage these servers and keep them safe and backed up.