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Is your small business in a bit of an IT mess?

What we do.

We are an MSP (Managed Service Provider) that looks after small businesses and all their IT needs.

  • A really great IT department – if we do say so ourselves…

  • One simple fixed price per month – a simple, per computer susbscription, per month

  • Unlimited and Untimed – We just become part of the business, no hourly rates or call out fees.

  • A real help desk – by phone, email, support program or SMS, we remote in, come to your office, whatever you need.

  • Cloud data, Cybersecurity, Backups – all part of our package

  • IT advice, proessional consultancy – we can listen to your needs and advise you on a wide range of services to suit your business.


If you’re a growing business we will help you do just that. Scaling back and need some automation, or a way to make things simple? We can do that too…


10 Easy Steps to Building a Culture of Cyber Awareness

Cyberattacks are a constant threat in today's digital world. Phishing emails, malware downloads, and data breaches. They can cripple businesses and devastate personal lives. Employee error is the reason many threats get introduced to a business network. A lack of[...]

“The best thing we did this year was change to an ‘MSP’. We didn’t know what one was, and for years we had IT help come and go, fixing something while breaking something else. Now we have an IT support TEAM that actually care about us, and things have never worked better!” – Maria, Office Manager – Construction Industry

“We manage client funds and knew that small businesses like ours are a real target, and so we needed great IT coverage to help us qualify for our Cyber Insurance. Paddy and the Greenhood team knew exactly what to do.” – Ian, CEO – Financial Planning 

“We arrived at the office one morning to blank documents and a ransomware file. It was the worst feeling either of us have had in our business lives. Greenhood had us backed up, and soon we were – back up” – Glenda, Owner Operator – Logistics




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